Review: JAREES PETG Filament

One of the best PETG Filaments I have used! I have been 3D printing for 3 years and have found a bunch of good filaments.  I have printed over 300 rolls of filament and have printed nearly every brand you can name.  My small print farm of 19 printers prints for my hobby and small READ MORE

Review: SOVOL Vacuum Bags for 3D Printer Filament

A good product that can keep your filament dry. I have tried many different products to store my spools of 3D printer filaments to avoid damage from humidity and keep it dry. The products I have tried include zipper-seal bags, plastic food containers, heated containers, and camera humidity cabinets. Heck, I have tried freezer bags. READ MORE

Shoot-Out: Which hair spray is better? Aquanet Vs. got2b.

Hair spray is very useful in 3D printing but is one bran better than another. I recently read a forum post on using hairspray to make print stick better to 3D printer printing plates.  One of the posters swore by Schwarzkopf got2b Glued hairspray.  I have used Aquanet hairspray but I have never used this brand.  READ MORE

Review: Super Lube 51004 Synthetic Oil with PTFE.

Need lubrication? Super Lube to the rescue. One challenge in 3d printing is lubrication. This challenge can be an increasing problem as the printer ages. I bought this product to lube my Prusa printers. My oldest printer is beginning to make a lot of noise and it is 3 years old. I also started to READ MORE

Review: Sovol 3D Sealed Vacuum Storage Kit

Sovol 3D Sealed Vacuum Storage Kit: High-Quality Filament Storage Option This system works great for storing filament and have a one-way valve for removing the air that looks like it’s just a sticker but holds the vacuum just fine.  Almost all filament is hygroscopic, so if you 3d print and don’t have a dry cabinet/room READ MORE

Review: Push Plastics Filament

Toner Plastics PLA: High-Quality Filament Worth Every Penny This company is well experienced in the plastics market and is not just a 3D filament producer.  They produce multiple other products and claim to have uncompromising commitments to quality.  The one thing that is true is that Toner Plastics is an experienced company that has been READ MORE

Review: Magigoo

Great produce at a slightly premium price. One of the most challenging problems in 3D printing is getting proper adhesion.  It can baffle the most novice and experienced printer.  Some filaments just do not want to stick and I would think it is one of the most common requests for support on 3D printing forums.  Soon after buying READ MORE

Review: FYSETC Steel Sheet for Prusa Mini

Read Review Buy From Amazon Review Overview Ease of Use Quality Durability Value  4.8/5  4.2/5  4.4/5  4.4/5 4.6  4.6/5 OVERALL SCORE Summary I purchased this sheet to test various build plate surfaces.  I found that there are many fewer options for the Mini and the MK3S.  Don’t let the China READ MORE

Prusa Mini Clone, Part 3: The Build

A quality printer is easy to build. I have to build many printers and the challenge of a top-quality printer starts with the build.  Good manufacturers have easy to follow the documentation that starts with written instruction and expands to videos as makers build their own kits.  I encourage anyone who plans to buy this READ MORE

Review: Duramic PLA

Duramic PLA: A top-quality PLA filament that is less glossy This company appears to be a new kid on the block, but don’t be fooled by the fact that this is essentially a brand new company. This company has arguably the cheapest quality PLA filament on Amazon. Their website is still not set up on READ MORE