Review: Polymaker PolyLite PLA

Polymaker PolyLite PLA: A premium quality PLA 

True Orange PolyLite

Company: Polymaker is not an American company. They are located in Shanghai, China, but they have the offices in China, EU, and the US.

Products: Polymaker is not a one-product wonder. They offer a wide variety of 3D printing materials with just as equal of a variety of colors to meet your needs. I have printed in yellow, orange, and black. This review will be of the Polylite True Orange.

Price: Current price is under $25 on Amazon.

Introduction: To be honest, I have not purchased a whole roll yet, but it is one my list. I received a sample of this filament to try in the sample box in December. I decided to do a little review. I started off with the generic settings on my Prusa MK3S and they never needed adjusting. I printed 3 items with the sample: a swatch, a whistle, and some of my maker coins. I got perfect prints every time.

Color: When I opened the sample box to see the orange, I was mesmerized by the brightness and crispness of the orange. True Orange is a very appropriate color. I like orange but this is truly a bright orange. It is much brighter than the Prusa Orange.

Roll of True Orange Filament

Filament quality: The quality is top-notch. It is not brittle and even though I left it out for 3 weeks without hydration protection, I still got a top-quality print. Uniform diameter.

Ease of use: Polymaker filament is by far and away the easiest to print with filament I’ve found, very similar to Prusament for ease of use. If you bought a Prusa printer you will love this filament. I used both Prusament and generic PLA settings and both worked well.

PolyLite PLA True Orange Prints
PolyLite PLA True Orange Prints

Print quality: None of the test prints failed. The surfaces turned out to be smooth and slightly shiny. The orange color came out just as it was on the spool. The color and print consistency are perfect in my book. I printed about 8-10 small prints with the filament. I had zero jams and 100% print success. Zero quality concerns with the filament or prints it produced.

Approval: I would purchase this product in the future. In fact, I have a spool on the way!

To purchase a roll:

Polymaker PolyLite Orange PLA

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