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PC Blend

Prusament PC Blend

Urban Gray Poiy Carbonate Blend
Urban Gray Polycarbonate Blend

Company: Prusa is a widely known company for high-quality 3D printing.  Although it is not an American company, it is known for its high reliability and top-notch products with near-perfect support.  They are located in age Czech Republic.  

Products: Prusa is not a one-product wonder. They offer a wide variety of 3D Printers and printing materials that are unequal in quality and have a large variety of colors. This review will be of the PC Blend.

Price: The current price is $49.99. Link: Prusa PC Blend in Urban Grey

Introduction:  To be honest, I am a huge user of Prusament filament so when I saw this new product, I jumped on a purchase ASAP.  It is being billed as PC Blend is perfect for stronger, more durable 3D prints. It is reportedly an excellent choice for printing mechanically stressed parts. Compared to other materials, PC Blend is high-temperature resistance.  This means that is would be perfect for parts exposed to heat such as fan shrouds on the 3D Printers.  It would also be an idea where impact resistance or tensile strength is needed.  The following graph is from the Prusa website and gives a good comparison of the properties possessed by the different filaments they sell.  

Graph of Prusament Comparisons

I have only printed it for a weekend. I started off with the generic PC Blend settings on my Prusa MK3S and they never needed adjusting. I did have several failed prints at first because I had to turn in my printer to the new filament. It warped like crazy until I got the right settings on my Z level. So far, I have replaced my parts for my Prusa Mosquito with Urban Grey PC Blend.

Color: It comes in Urban Grey, Galaxy Black, and Natural.

Replacement part printed in Prusament PC Blend

Filament quality: The quality is top-notch. This stuff is tough as nails. The part above is printed in PC Urban Grey. I chose this product because I need a tough Pinda Probe attachment. I could not get any bend at 25% infill and the parts I printed at 40%, you can forget it. It is hydration sensitive so, you will want to keep it in a bag. Near 100% uniform diameter.

Ease of use: Once you get it dialed in with a Z value, it prints perfectly. Each roll comes with a glue stick. Never print without a coat fo glue stick. This stuff is very sticky once you Z is dialed in.

Packaging: I love the recyclable and reusable spools. They had a contest early on to encourage users to find another use for their spools. There are a lot of options available on their website.

Prusament Spools

Print quality: None of the test prints failed once I nailed in the Z level. The surfaces turned out to be smooth and slightly shiny. The grey color came out a little bland, but It allows me to see which parts are the original black or orange vs. PC Blend. The color and print consistency are perfect in my book. I printed about 8-10 small prints with the filament. I had zero jams and 100% print success. Zero quality concerns with the filament or prints it produced.

Approval: I would purchase this product in the future. In fact, I have three new spools on the way!

To purchase a roll:

To order: Prusment Urban Grey

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