Review: SKR Mini E3 with TFT Display

SKR Mini e3 Board

SKR Mini E3 with TFT Display

An alternative to the Creality Board that is affordable and easy to install. 

SKR Mini E3

Company: Big Tree Tech is a company that sells 3d printer parts. They are located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.

Products: Big Tree Tech produces quite a few items. They make and sell quite a few items for 3D printers/ They make everything from nozzles to controller boards.

Any of you that have followed my printing threads knows of my challenges with somewhat of a lemon printer that I received from Creality. My Ender-3 just would not print. I upgraded the board twice to include the Silent Creality board. It was silent because it would nto print. Thanks to Big Tree Tech, that has all changed.  

What is the SKR Mini E3? The SKR Mini E3 is an affordable controller board for the Ender-3 that is simply a 32-bit board upgrade for the Ender-3 and Ender-5 3D printers. The shape and layout are an exact match to the original Creality boards so it is a drop-in replacement. That being said: it is not a plug and play installation. It takes some tinkering. If you know computers, you can handle this install.  

Why the SKR Mini? It contains a nimble and fast 32-bit ARM Cortex processor that will handle just about anything you throw at it. It has the latest TMC 2209 silent stepper drivers on a 32-bit board. This thing has quiet performance that will not wake the baby. Best of all, it is pre-loaded with Marlin 2.0 firmware so it is ready to go but may need some adjusting if you have mods installed.  


  1. Wow, it is Quiet! At least a 50% reduction in motor noise. 
  2. Marlin 2.0. Just download the prebuild make your changes and flash.
  3. Easy Installation. It is a drop-in replacement so just move the wires and fire it up.
  4. Auto leveling capable. It will take the purchase of a probe, but it works. 
  5. Low Cost. Really its the best upgrade for the price


  1. Challenging Directions. A few google searches and you will find a ton of videos and step by step to help, but some of them a tad bit tough to follow. 

Cost:  $68.99

The bottom line: I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to add more functionality and to quiet down their printer for a great price! I have been using it for a couple of weeks and it is a world of difference. It makes the printer Prusa-like – near “plug and play vs plug and pray”. It is nut truly plug and pray, but if I can do it, anyone can.  


  1. SKR Mini E3 Control Board

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