Tools I recommend for 3D printer fanatics, Part 1


Tools make printing easier, so make sure you stock up.

Ok, I am a huge fan of 3D printers and even a bigger fan of tools.

I have been printing with FDM 3d printer for over a year and I have found a number of useful tools.

  1. Allen Wrenches: A good set are essential to repairing and building your printer. Metric Allen wrenches are a must. Forget those cheapos and buy a good set. I like the magnetic ones. If you do now know why you soon will.
  2. Print removal tool: I really like the Buildtak version. I do not use it on PEI or the PEI Textured but just about any other surface. A good removal tool can be essential.
  3. A good set of cutters: A good set of flush cutters are worth their weight in gold. I like the Hakko brand. I bought 5 and I still need more.
  4. Blue masking tape: This stuff can be essential to printing certain filaments. I like the 2-inch version.
  5. Glue Stick: It promotes adhesion is a releasing agent. I use UHU Colored Glue Stick with polycarbonate filaments.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  I will post another list next week!

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