The Prusa Mini Print Surface Sheet: The into


The introduction to a grand test.

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Ok, I sort for did this for the MK3S.  I have acquired a number of print surfaces to test.  We all know the Smooth Stick PEI and Textured from Prusa.  I will test them head to head and do reviews of multiple surfaces that are available for purchase.  I am going to use the Prusa smooth and textured as a way to baseline.  

Surfaces to test:

  1. TheKIINNGG V4 for the Mini.  It is available on Amazon and eBay.
  2. ULTISTIK Premium Powder Coated.  It is available from Amazon and FilamentOne.   
  3. BCZAMD Prusa Mini Double Sided Textured.  It is available on Amazon.
  4. FYSETC Double side Gold Textured PEI.  It is available on AliExpress.
  5.  FYSETC Black Textured PEI.  It is available on Amazon.
  6. Triangle Labs Black Textured PEI.  It is available on AliExpress.
  7. Buildtak.  It is available on Amazon and their website.    
  8. Buildtak PEI.  It is available on Amazon or their website.  
  9. Chinese made Prusa Mini Smooth PEI.  It is available on AliExpress
  10. Prusa Smooth
  11. Prusa Textured
  12. Overture Freebie
  13. Duramic Freebie


Test Prints:

I am primarily going to text the first layer and perform two near to impossible test print.  The first four tests will be primarily first layer tests to dial in the first layer.  The last two tests will be 100 and 400 small cylinders or as I call it: the first layer madness test. 

center square

Test #1: This test is a simple 60mm x 60mm square.  It is fairly easy to dial your print in to do it.  I call it thew Center Square.  

25 squares

Test 2: This test is 25 squares and really steps up the complexity.  It will make sure the sheet is flat and you have the surface dial-in.  

First layer Torture

Test 3: This test is what I call the First Layer Torture Test.  If you have no idea why give this file a test run and you quickly learn new 4 letter words.  Simply put, this file gives your first layer that extra test.  

Circles stars squares

Test 4: This first layer test will test the center and 4 corners with impunity.  If it doe snot test your patience first, you will dial in your printer perfectly.  

100 peg test

Test 5: This 100 peg test seems simple enough until you try it.  One fraction of a millimeter off on your Z and you will know them all down.  It really is a domino effect.  

400 peg test

Test 6: The 400 peg test is insane.  400 3mmx3mmx3mm pegs will have you reaching for a bottle of gin.  It is insane how hard it is to keep them all standing.  It is the ultimate first layer test.  

The methodology:

Each print surface will be randomly matched up against another sheet until there is only one sheet left standing.  The weapon of choice will be filamentPM silver PLA because it was the first filament I used, and it came with my MK3S printers.  In the end, I am going to score them on value, quality, durability, first layer adhesion, ease of removal, ease of dial-in, and the number of pegs left standing.  

The matchups:

starting bracket

The bottom line: I will start this tomorrow so which them all luck.  Match 1 coming between Prusa TXT and Triangle Labs

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