Review: Duramic PLA

Duramic PLA

Duramic PLA: A top-quality PLA filament that is less glossy

Duramic Filament


Duramic Filament

This company appears to be a new kid on the block, but don’t be fooled by the fact that this is essentially a brand new company. This company has arguably the cheapest quality PLA filament on Amazon. Their website is still not set up on GoDaddy. I am always on the lookout for top quality filament for my 3D printers. I go through a lot of this stuff and I hate to pay 30-50 dollars a kilogram or roll. Let me tell you that you do not need to pay a premium for quality filament.

I was very cautious about the new company but bought it anyway. At $25 a roll, it was too good to pass up. My Prusa gobbled up the first roll and has yet to have a problem. It performed well with no tweaks to the base setting for PrusaSlicer, Cura, and Simplify3D. The print quality is on par with just about all filaments I have purchased to date with no significant defects in the prints. There were no boogers, clogging, discoloration, stringing, or tangling on the spool. The best part is I found no noticeable odor while printing.

The packaging was perfect. It comes in a sturdy box. The filament is protected from humidity by a mylar bag with a silica pack. The spool is also well constructed with a gauge sticker on both sides to give a rough estimate of what is left on the spool. The spool will definitely be reused. There is also an added benefit of a freebee in the box: a 200×200 print surface. I have yet to use it, but will add it to my Prusa Mini in the future.

I consider myself pretty experienced with 3D printing. I am on a mission to find the cheapest, best quality PLAs I can find. Most of what I print is for fun, but I am starting a small business to print for locals that need things made. I have easily been gone through 30 brands of filament in a year and this stuff is the best I have used thus far.

To purchase a roll:

DURAMIC 3D PLA Printer Filament 1.75mm Black

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