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FYSETC steel sheet plain

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Ease of Use


I purchased this sheet to test various build plate surfaces.  I found that there are many fewer options for the Mini and the MK3S.  Don’t let the China thing worry you.  My package arrived in one piece on time and the plates fit my Original Prusa Mini perfectly.  These sheet have my strongest recommendation.  They are a must buy for your Prusa Mini or Clone.  



FYSETC Steek Sheet with PEI
FYSETC Steek Sheet with PEI

I began looking for bare steel sheets to compare different print surfaces and I did not want to wait until I had damaged the ones I bought from Prusa.   The good news is that there appear to be options other than powder-coated and PEI Sticker sheets that come with the printer.  Some of them are quite sticky and will really hold the prints to the bed. 

You may have noticed my Prusa Mini Shootout threads. This purchase was to prep surfaces for that project.  In doing so, I added surfaces to three and compared them to commercial made products. The experience gave me the ability to write this review.  

For months, people have been asking me about adding optional surfaces to their mini. I had tried multiple surfaces on my Mk3S printers but never really experimented with my Minis. After using these plates for months, I can say they are one hell of a print ned material.  

The Review:

Ease of Use – 

The challenge of using steel print surfaces is adding the surface to them. I made a production of it and got quite good at it.  Adding your own Buildtac, Kapton Tape, or PEI is simple.  The largest challenge is trimming the edges,   I found that using a deburring tool really made trimming the edges easier.  

Once you have the sheet surfaced and trimmed, you only have to remember to set a new live-Z or Z-offset and you will be printing away.

Quality –

Don’t let the price fool you.  This print bed sheet is not a piece of garbage.  You will not be investing in a swear jar when you receive these.  Well, you need to be careful because the edges on one of the five sheets I bought had a small burr that could cut your hand on.  I removed it with, you guessed it, the demurring tool.  The surface is perfectly flat but a little oily.  You might need to wash and dry them before surfacing.  

Durability – 

The build plates ware steel.  They did not take any scratches during surfacing.  I can’t imagine anyone being unhappy with the durability.  They may be a touch heavier and thicker than Prusa plates.  

Durability – 

You are not going to save money with these puppies.  I am not sure that is the point anyway.  The goal is to have a diversity of build plate options and not to save cash.  That being said, these are very affordable.  The most expensive build plate I have Buildtac on one side and PEI on the other and It came in at under $50.   

The Bottom Line

FYSETC steel sheet plainRegardless of your plans to use a plain steel build plate, you cannot go wrong with the FYSETC Plain Steel Sheet for Prusa Mini.  It is a quality product that is just waiting for you to surface it.  Although shipping can take some time, I think the wait is well worth getting the product I needed to complete this project.  The FYSETC plain steel build plate can be purchased from both Amazon($23.49) and AliExpress ($19.95).    

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