Review: Super Lube 51004 Synthetic Oil with PTFE.

Need lubrication? Super Lube to the rescue. One challenge in 3d printing is lubrication. This challenge can be an increasing problem as the printer ages. I bought this product to lube my Prusa printers. My oldest printer is beginning to make a lot of noise and it is 3 years old. I also started to READ MORE

Review: Sovol 3D Sealed Vacuum Storage Kit

Sovol 3D Sealed Vacuum Storage Kit: High-Quality Filament Storage Option This system works great for storing filament and have a one-way valve for removing the air that looks like it’s just a sticker but holds the vacuum just fine.  Almost all filament is hygroscopic, so if you 3d print and don’t have a dry cabinet/room READ MORE

Review: Push Plastics Filament

Toner Plastics PLA: High-Quality Filament Worth Every Penny This company is well experienced in the plastics market and is not just a 3D filament producer.  They produce multiple other products and claim to have uncompromising commitments to quality.  The one thing that is true is that Toner Plastics is an experienced company that has been READ MORE