Review: SOVOL Vacuum Bags for 3D Printer Filament


A good product that can keep your filament dry.

I have tried many different products to store my spools of 3D printer filaments to avoid damage from humidity and keep it dry. The products I have tried include zipper-seal bags, plastic food containers, heated containers, and camera humidity cabinets. Heck, I have tried freezer bags. The Sovol 3D Printer Vacuum Sealed Bags are by far my favorite.

A few weeks ago, I saw a product on Amazon that caught my eye. I often dry my hydration-sensitive filaments to keep them printing. Some come in a reusable bag and some do not, but even if they do, they are often poor quality and need some improvements. These bags looked very promising so I decided to give them a try.

My initial impressions were that everything was neatly packaged. The box contained a pack of 10 bags, 2 seal clips, 10 little bags of silica, and a hand pump. I was a little miffed that the desiccant packets were in the box just loose and not sealed. They could have put them in some form of packaging. That was ok. I had to dry them before I started to use them. An hour in the oven will fix this. The manufacturer should package them under vacuum to prevent this.

The vacuum works well, but it took me a little tinkering to get it to work. The vacuum does not feel cheaply made. I seeled on a roll and set it on my filament shelf. After 3 weeks, it maintained a vacuum and the hydration card confirms the lack of hydration.


Quality: 5/5

Packaging: 4/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall: 4.5/5

The bottom line: The bags are the most convenient and cost-effective solution I have tried so far. Just add a silica desiccant pack and you’re good to go. I have used them for few weeks and the bags remain sealed. These babies are five stars in my book and I will buy more.

Link on Amazon: Sovol 3D Printer Vacuum Sealed Bags

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