Review: JAREES PETG Filament


One of the best PETG Filaments I have used!

I have been 3D printing for 3 years and have found a bunch of good filaments.  I have printed over 300 rolls of filament and have printed nearly every brand you can name.  My small print farm of 19 printers prints for my hobby and small business.  When I see a new filament company, I usually buy a roll to try.  When I saw the bright red JAREES PETG, I decided to give it a try.  I have a roll of JAREES Black and Red PETG.  

Various Prints - Rocket parts and Swatch
Various Prints – Rocket parts and Swatch

The package arrived in good condition. The spool packaged well with the spool vacuumed sealed and an included bed sticker and ruler. The flexible bed sticker is smaller than most of my beds, but I think it will fit a Prusa Mini. I absolutely love that the spoils have markings on the back showing both length and weight remaining. This will help me from having to weigh to estimate filament left.

38mm Rocket Fin Can
38mm Rocket Fin Can

I started by printing a few projects with this filament and had zero issues. I had a little stringing so I lowered the temperature from the standard PETG settings on my Prusas to about 240 C.  I have had no more stinging and would hand that I experienced no clogging, no first layer issues, no extrusion issues, and it delivered near-perfect quality with every print.  

Whirl and Hurl Rockets
Whirl and Hurl Rockets

I printed a set of the various prints from above on each printer and they came out perfect on all makes of printer that I own. In fact, I used the whole roll in a little over 1 week. It printed on the glass beds of Creality and Anycubic and the flex beds of Prusa. I needed no hair spray or bed adhesives. It had great adhesion without any assistance and the prints come off easily after the bed cooled. Overall the Filament has worked, and I plan to buy more colors. I want to try the JAREES PLA+ too. I really like the JAREES orange PLA but it is a little more expensive at about $22 a roll.

Printers tested:

  • Prusa Mk3S+ with V6, Dragon hotend, and Mosquitos
  • Prusa Mini+ Standard and V6
  • BIQU BX Pro
  • Anycubic Predator
  • Anycubic Chiron
  • Creality Ender 3
  • Creality CR10S Pro

Some highlights:

  • The bright red is beautiful and stands out.
  • The box protects the filament well.
  • Bonus: A print surface and a ruler and included gratus.
  • The spool has backside markers to see how much filament is left.
  • Cheap! Under 17 a roll when I bought it.


  • Nozzle: 240 C
  • Bed: 70 C
  • Speed: 60 mm/s
  • Retraction: I did not alter this from the slicer
  • Slicer: PrusaSlicer


  • Quality: 5*
  • Value: 5*
  • Easy of dial in: 5*
  • Overall: 5*

The bottom line: I will absolutely be purchasing from this filament again. It has my highest recommendation. I may have a new favorite. It is cost effective filament alternative that prints perfectly and does not break the bank.

Amazon Link to Purchase: JAREES Red PETG

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